Vaisala Gmw93Ra, Co2, Temp And Humidity Sensor For Hvac

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Vaisala, GMW93RA, CO2, Temp and Humidity Sensor for HVAC, with Certificate, Voltage Output, Display The Vaisala GMW93RA Carbon Dioxide, Temperature, and Humidity Transmitter is intended for demand controlled ventilation and green buildings

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After 5 years the transmitters can be easily calibrated in the field

Field calibration can be done quickly against a GM70 CO2 meter, against calibration gas bottles with straightforward trimmer adjustment or by exchanging intelligent GM10 CO2 measurement modules

The GMW90 Series Carbon Dioxide and Temperature Transmitters use proprietary Micro-Electro-Mechanical System MEMS technology for measuring carbon dioxide

The GMW90 Series Transmitters are suitable for LEED projects as the accuracy is better than the required plusmn 75 ppm even after 5 years of use

The display is always included for easy calibration

The module is delivered with a calibration certificate

The package includes Transmitter Quick guide Traceable calibration certificate

The sensor rsquo s continuous reference measurement enables reliable and accurate readings, outstanding long-term stability, extended lifetime, and minimal maintenance

The transmitter has user exchangeable measurement modules, which can be ordered as spare parts

The transmitter has voltage output, display and LED indicators for CO2

This wall-mounted transmitter is easy to install and it has very low maintenance requirements